Yoga with Eveline

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Class Styles

Yoga Flow

Eveline’s Yoga flow is a creative, dynamic, Core Strength Vinayasa/Power flow. Yoga Flow is a dynamic core based power flow with fast paced sequencing in the peak of the class that give students a wok out and have the opportunity to work towards advanced postures. Eveline always includes plenty of restorative Yoga, Pranayama, stress relief and relaxation techniques in her classes. Sometimes you will be treated to Roll and Release and mediation as well. Beginners are most welcome and should be prepared to find this class very challenging the first few times. Modifications are offered to work at your level and the community are very down to earth and welcoming.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow Yoga is ideal for beginners or anyone who enjoys longer holds and more time aligning their postures in a Core Strength Vinyasa Flow. In Slow Flow we cover the foundations of core strength Vinyasa so that students learn or are reminded of how to use the breath and activate the core for fluid movement. A strong focus towards core activation to minimise effort from the limbs, neck and shoulders, helps students to build a lighter practice and release tension. All levels are catered for.

Flow, Restore & Meditate

Core Strength Vinyasa power flow including creative and dynamic sequences with extra time added to the duration for restorative, yin and/or roll and release and meditation. Expect a good work out as well as relaxation and stillness practice.

Restore, Roll and release

This is the ULTIMATE relaxation bliss out combining very gentle, restorative floor flow with roll and release massage using massage balls. Learn to give yourself a massage without doing any of the work using these amazing myofacial release balls. Everyone comes out of this class floating and feeling a sense of release having ironed out all their kinks in all the right places. This class is ideal for anyone seeking relaxation and therapeutics.


Flow Through Yoga loves AcroYoga. From time to time we will host AcroYoga workshops, classes and events. AcroYoga combines Yoga and partner acrobatics and is surprisingly accessible to most people. Get connected and have loads of fun basing, flying and spotting. View Melbourne's first ever AcroYoga flashmob featuring Flow Through Yoga's founder Eveline and choreographed by Internationally renowned break dancer and AcroYoga teacher Raven Smith, The Nourishng Nomad.

How we do things

  • Yoga mats and props provided if required. BYO mat if you have one.

  • Book online for a faster check in or just turn up.

  • First timers please arrive 10 minutes early.

First timers

If you're new to Yoga be prepared for something very different to any other form of exercise. It can take a few sessions to get used to moving the body into unusual positions but in a short time the body begins to adjust. Make sure you arrive ten minutes early to sign in and set up your mat. Classes are challenging but modifications are offered to suit varying levels. Speak to your instructor before class if you have any concerns. Most of all, try not to take the class or yourself too seriously. Have fun and find the joy in learning something new.

Experienced Yogis

Even the experienced Yoga students find the classes challenging. We get a wide variety of levels in the room and modifications are offered to either increase or decrease the intensity of the practice. In particular the experienced Yogis love the hands on adjustments that guide them deeper into poses than they had experienced on their own.

Flow Through Yoga Blackburn North is just minutes from, Box Hill Central, Kerrimuir, Box Hill North, NunawadingDonvale & Doncaster. There is ample parking on the premises and on Koonung Road where Flow Through Yoga operates, right at the end of the street where it meets the Eastern Freeway and the Koonung Trail bike and walking path.

Flow Through Yoga Mont Albert North is just minutes from, Box Hill Central, Kerrimuir, Box Hill North, Surrey Hills, Balwyn and Doncaster. There is ample parking on the premises and on Rostrevor Parade.