Three Reasons to have Corporate Yoga in Your Workplace

Research from Harvard University has identified that meditation has a direct influence on the reduction of stress and anxiety. Even those who have not practiced meditation before experience a reduction in brain activity such that the processing of information can diminish from thinking overload to a gentle, slow steam of consciousness in just ten minutes.

Yoga is a moving meditation that engages the breath whilst reducing tension in the body, busyness in the mind and providing a clearer focus of attention. In synchronising the breath with motion in the body we begin to align our mental, physical, emotional and psychological state. When we are aligned it is evident in our actions because we are less reactive, more efficient, can maintain focus and keep perspective under intense circumstances where our emotional states may otherwise take over.

Three Reasons for Corporate Yoga at your workplace:

  1. Reduce team conflict

Middle management frequently bears the grunt of staff conflict costing them hours of time away from their already over loaded schedules. Managers have one of two choices under these circumstances – 1) Prioritise their workload and leave the conflict to continue to fester while staff become less and less productive or 2) Spend the hours of time required to resolve conflict and face upper management breathing down their neck for not reaching targets. Most team conflict stems from issues not related to the workplace and is more to do with varying personal needs and perceptions amongst individuals. Yoga and meditation is a great way to provide staff with time away from their schedules to take a step back, refresh and gain perspective. It allows staff to associate with their colleagues in a non-threatening environment rather than in a state of perceived personal threat.

2.    Reduce Stress of Employees

When we experience stress our body begins to stiffen, our breath shortens and our productivity diminishes due to loss of focus. The most common causes of workplace stress include work overload, team conflict, lack of challenge/responsibility or lack of recognition and opportunity for professional development. Spending even just one hour per week practicing Yoga can address each of these issues considerably. The ancient practice of movement synchronised with the breath releases tension stored in the body and creates spaciousness in the mind allowing for clearer thinking and greater workplace productivity.

3.       Increase flexibility of attitudes

When employees experience stressed in the workplace they can become rigid and difficult to motivate. A large part of Yoga instruction includes mindfulness coaching. Mindfulness techniques are very powerful and can lead to actual changes in neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for negative thinking. Yoga and meditation can assist with untangling negative thoughts associated with negative emotions that lead to lack of motivation and enthusiasm in the workplace.