Movie review - Kumare' (2011)

Kumare’ is a must see for any aspiring Yogi or spiritual sceptic. Vikram Ghandi, a New Jersey raised American with Hindi ancestry is intrigued by humanities’ engagement with religion and the notion of gurus. After visiting India and concluding that the gurus in India were no different to the Western World imposters, Vikram’s mission was to establish the truth of his theory that anyone can be a guru.
Vikram adopts a new identity – Kumare’, a wise and experienced guru – and finds ‘disciples’ in Arizona to follow his completely made up rituals and teachings. Whilst it sounds as though it is a cynical, deceitful experiment it is quite the contrary. Vikram presents himself as a subject in his own experiment as such with non assumption and genuine care for his strudents’ circumstances. His method may be questionable but the documentary offers great insight into illusion and truth and our attachment to the external.