Earthcore 2014

It was my first gig teaching an event so I was a little out of my comfort zone to start with. The wind was up, my playlist wasn't and I had some experienced Yogis in the crowd including two Yoga teachers. I didn't feel intimidated at all. Much.

Yelling instruction over the sound system in Yoga isn't ideal however it all seemed to go down pretty well and the sound of raw beats does pair beautifully with Vinyasa Yoga. There were lots of like souls who gathered to share the beautiful connection that Yoga can create and what better place to do that than outdoors in the bush at a music festival? We did an energy flow sequence to iron out the kinks from long drives and camping so lots of twists and backbends were in order. I received lots of hugs and thanks after class including both teachers in the crowd so I'm guessing I made a good impression despite the few hurdles that popped up.

Overall the festival was a great success with a fantastic line-up of Victoria's finest talent leading workshops to suit every interest from Yoga to hula hooping to spiritual guidance and personal growth seminars. The music was designed to please with all the old favourites such as Raja Ram in Shpongle and Hallucinagen and some of the newer talents including Mr Bill and Astrix. Some of the main acts had some breath taking dance performances, gymnastics and contortion with spectacular costumes to inspire even the most sober of the crowd (i.e me!)

There were plenty of market stalls with lots of interesting clothes and accessories and the food was brilliant. I was particularly wrapped with the many gluten free vegetarian options on offer this year.

As always the most entertaining aspect of an outdoor festival is the people. The outfits know no bounds between gender, size shape or colour. Anything goes and it did with some very imaginative masks and hair styes as well as the usual ballerinas, animal suits, Jeanie outfits and boys in dresses, corsets and heals.

Well done Earthcore, you really stepped it up this year.