Happy hips


There are many poses throughout the Yoga practice that focus on hip opening and alignment. The hip opening poses are fantastic for easing back pain and lengthening your quads, psoas and hip flexors. Many Yoga teachers proclaim that hip opening poses have an even greater ability to assist in releasing emotional tension stored in the pelvic area. It is said that stress and emotional tension that we are unable to process at the time that it arises can be stored in the body instead and takes a physical form. The hips are an area that most people have at least some tension and after opening them with certain Yoga poses can create a feeling of lightness and relief. This may also explain why being in certain hip opening poses can be distressful and even cause people to cry as they get in touch with some intense discomfort.

Hip alignment

It is important to be mindful when we enter hip warming and opening poses. Some of us have flexible and soft pelvises meaning that the pelvis may move instead of the hips. If we are careful to align the hips and support them by activating the core, we can minimise pelvic mobility.