Gallery: Yoga Retreats 2015

Fairhaven & otways, march 2015

After some fine tuning, the Fairhaven Yoga Retreat ran even more smoothly than February's retreat which was partially due to the attendees being so fun loving and positive. We were an intimate group of eight and the Yoga room had a gorgeous ocean and bush view where we had the privileged of seeing echidnas  waddling around. We managed to embark on two big walks - one in the Otways to the magical waterfall and one beach walk to the hidden cave which were both thoroughly enjoyed by all. We got through a lot of Yoga including four classes/workshops and two Yoga Nidra sessions which received great feedback from attendees who reported two great night's sleep. We ate beautiful gourmet Vegetarian cuisine and laughed a lot. Everyone was relaxed and made each other feel welcome whilst giving each other what ever space they needed. I can't wait to host the spring retreat at this location. Check the book a session page for upcoming retreats.

Flow Through Yoga's first retreat was executed last weekend (Feb 27th - Mar 1st 2015) with great success. We enjoyed a gorgeous rain forest setting in the peaceful Otways with nature's wildlife on our door step. The weather held up for our rugged beach walk to the secret cave and we enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch on the beach. The classes were challenging and fun allowing everyone to push beyond their boundaries. It gave me great pleasure to see just how courageous everyone was and how willing they were to give themselves over to the experience.  In order to grow we must be prepared to step outside our comfort zone. All in all is was a great weekend with lovely company.

Review from one of the attendees: "Thanks, Eveline, for pouring your heart, soul and body into our yoga retreat at King Parrot Cottages. It was a weekend of idyllic views, wonderful yoga, lovely company and delicious food. Your planning, positive energy and attention to detail ensured we all had a great time. I feel very grateful to have participated xx" Kate MacDonald, Box Hill North