Your body speaks to you but you may not even know it

When my scalp spoke to me, literally.

I was still living on the Gold Coast in QLD, preparing my return home to Melbourne. I was working in an uninspiring office with people that didn't get me. For the first time in my life, for about a 6 month period, I was experiencing really bad dandruff and psoriasis on my scalp. My scalp was red, tender, flaky and itchy but I refrained from touching it at all to avoid down pour of white flakes on my shoulders.

I was in a long distance relationship and when I returned to Melbourne we were going to be together. This was both exciting and a little scary but deep down, intuitively I knew it wasn't quite right. However, moving home to Melbourne was right so I quit my job, whimpered good bye to my Yoga teachers and headed on home, flaky scalp and all.

Within a few weeks I got my first job in State government where I met some great friends who are still part of my life today. My scalp was still sore and flaky. Within a couple of months my relationship ended.  About three days after the relationship ended my scalp cleared up completely, 100%. No lumps, no redness, no flakes. It amazed me not only that my body was sending me such a clear, definitive message but the part of the body and the symptoms were particularly fascinating.

Since I was ignoring my gut and intuition and following my head, my body sent a crystal clear message directly to my head and it wasn't a pleasant one. I have had similar things occur but none quite as obvious as this. To this day, I have never had severe dandruff or psoriasis since.

This particular message was loud and persistent but what about those more subtle and quieter messages? The body is signalling to the conscious mind all the time but when we live really busy lives and the mind is very noisy we often miss them or don't know how to interpret them. It can take some time to learn the language of the body. The best way to get started is to work on quietening the mind with a Yoga and seated meditation practice. When the conscious mind is quiet, the body will communicate by sending unconscious messages to the conscious mind. You don't have to do  anything. In fact it is the cessation of doing and thinking and the commencement of feeling and being that allows the communication to flow.