How to optimise your Yoga & optimize your body in 3 steps

1. Be opened to changing your practice

Yoga is evolving just like everything else – technology, medicine, humanity. We have to be opened to new discoveries if we want to improve the benefits we receive from the practice. Now that Yoga is so popular in the West, it has come into focus especially in the health & fitness field. Expert anatomists train Yoga teachers in the bio mechanics of Yoga movements and we are discovering new ways to move more powerfully in a less linear, more three dimensional way. If you want to gain at least double the strength & flexibility, increase your digestion and metabolism and optimise your body in and out of class, come to Eveline’s Slow Flow to learn the techniques and apply them to any Yoga class with any teacher.

2.       Become 3 dimensional; use your core

Using the core to initiate your Yoga flow is hard work to begin with but once you start building strength, your Yoga practice will excel to new heights and become effortless effort. Moving from the core unloads the lower back, all of your joints and reduces gripping between the neck and shoulders leaving your limbs free to extend, bind and lengthen more freely.


3.       Do Yin or restorative Yoga

I used to think that I didn’t have time for Yin or restorative Yoga because I didn’t have enough time as it was for the power classes that I wanted to do to get stronger. It wasn’t until recently when I was visiting my teacher in QLD and I had time to practice more styles of classes, that I realised how wrong I had been.

My shoulders were sore from loads of chaturangas and I had decided that I wouldn’t do anymore that day. I then did a restorative Yoga class before the dynamic class where we spent a bit of time holding shoulder stretches. When it came time for chaturanga in the power class straight after, I felt so light and free that I effortlessly moved through my chaturanga. I had never considered that the heaviness and strain I sometimes felt in chaturanga could easily be released by practicing some soft restorative poses. I’m now committed to practicing and teaching restorative Yoga every week.