Cask wine, cigarettes and learning to fart rainbows

My rocky road to Yoga

My rocky road to Yoga

I used to be an asthmatic smoker, who binged on booze every weekend and so self-conscious about my body that I wouldn’t dream of wearing tight fitting leggings. 

I suffered from

- scoliosis,
- chronic neck and shoulder pain,
- digestive issues.

I'm not good enough to be a Yogi

I thought that I didn’t have the right body type to be a Yogi, let alone a Yoga teacher. Yes, for realz, I let this lie hold me back from my passion. All of my teachers were super skinny and I thought that I would have to look like that before I could do my Yoga teacher training. A combination of major body image dissatisfaction and very low self-esteem landed me in the world of "I'm not good enough."

Mental reconstruction

Clare and Michelle literally rewired my thought patterns and guided me into transformational Savasanas. At times Yoga class was the only place I heard anything that made sense. 

Faked it until I became it

As a new Yoga teacher for the first 12 months I literally taught my way through anxiety driven by imposter syndrome. My inner critic went wild with ridicule but I just kept breathing, smiling and repeating the dialogue that my teachers had embedded in my mind.

not a headstand

Meh, I'll never be able to do a headstand

I wasn't a devoted student (like a lot of you are) who had a dedicated, consistent daily practice. Most of the time I was impatient, undisciplined, got bored, was easily discouraged and was a tough crowd to any teacher who didn't measure up to my first teachers at Essence of Living.

I didn’t get a steady headstand until my third year of teaching (8 years practicing). I actually decided as a beginner that I “could never do that because only talented people can do that sort of thing and I'm not talented.” What an amazing example of the lies we buy and sell to ourselves. Everything is perception.

I'm not an Instagram Yoga model, actress, dancer, contortionists or a vegan, footprint free, Yogic master who farts rainbows and levitates. I am a person who acquires a great deal of wisdom from my own suffering and who happens to be great at teaching others to do the same. I am spending the rest of my life sharing my methods and techniques, blowing my own and my students' minds over and over into more thriving versions of ourselves every year.

Share your story

Share your story with me, I want to hear from you

There is way more to my story and I will continue to share but for now, I want to hear from you. I’d like to know if anyone else has felt like they didn't fit in or that they could never do or be something.

What's your biggest challenge?

- Your age
- Injury
- Body shame
- Time, money, geography

Send me an email or write a comment.

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