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New Year Yoga Detox

Five evenings of Yoga to reset the body after the festivities. Each session will include Pranayama and Yoga sequencing to promote steady detoxification and resetting of the body's natural energy channels. Chanting will be included in each session to promote clarity of thought and a meditative experience. 

COST: $100 for 5 evenings, $20 for 1 evening - 25% off for members.
TIME: Monday to Friday, 7pm to 8.30pm

Monday – Chanting, pranayama, Chakra cleansing Flow
Tuesday – Chanting, pranayama, Yang-Yin
Wednesday - Chanting, pranayama, Dynamic Flow
Thursday - AcroYoga Beginners with Gabriel & Zahra
Friday - Chanting, pranayama, Restorative blind fold class

Class descriptions

Chanting – learn the powerful effects of chanting daily. We will chant at the beginning of class each day (accept Thursday) to help clear our minds of mental states that are not serving us and to manifest our future goals.

Pranayama – we will practice various pranayama each evening to reestablish our breath connection, our bandhas and internal balance.

Chakra Cleansing Flow - we focus on the energy body and restoring balance with asana and chanting aligned with the seven points along the spine corresponding with each chakra. The chakra cleansing flow promotes huge shifts in stagnant energy, leaving students feeling super relaxed and content.

Yang-Yin -  This will be half Slow Flow and half Yin class. Sequences will build upon detoxification and resetting of the body’s natural mechanisms. In slow flow we focus on Yoga foundations, alignment and core activation. In Yin we promote breath connection and healing by holding poses longer to reach deep tissue.

Dynamic Yoga – faster paced, more challenging sequences to build heat, release toxins, find balance and build strength. Sequences will build upon detoxification and resetting of the body’s natural mechanisms.

AcroYoga Beginners with Gabriel and ZahraAcroYoga is all about FUN, FUN & FUN! Our AcroYoga beginner's class is accessible to anyone who has a basic fitness level and beyond. Working in pairs or threes to create fun shapes with your body is a wonderful way to stretch, strengthen and detoxify while having fun and constantly discovering yourself both physically and mentally. While Yoga is used as a vehicle to turn inward, AcroYoga adds a new dimension by inviting other people into your practice. In working together we supersede our communication skills and are reminded of just how much we are capable of.

Blind fold class – Sense withdrawal is integral to a deeper Yoga practice that can enable us to clear away any obstacles blocking us from our highest potential. Having restricted our aural stimulation on Thursday we will experience visual sense withdrawal on Friday whilst practising restorative postures. Blindfold Yoga gives us greater opportunity to look within and receive valuable feedback from the body and our higher states of consciousness. Students typically feel freer, settled and sleep very well after a blind fold class.

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