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Alignment Workshop: Effortless Flow

Laburnum Guides Hall
11 Garie Street
Blackburn 3130

Every week I see students practicing Vinyasa flow sequences with way more labour than is necessary and placing a lot of pressure on their joints. In this workshop we will slow down, break down flow sequences and learn how to transition effortlessly from one pose to the next and the correct alignment for some of the standing postures. When we incorporate effortlessness into our yoga flow we start to relax the outer muscles of the body making them more ready for peak poses such as binds and hip openers. It also moves us more into a meditative state giving us a more authentic experience of yoga and access to some of the deeper physical and mental benefits.

Some of the postures we will look at in this workshop:

  • Warrior I, II and II
  • Standing splits
  • Three leg dog and transitioning to warrior poses
  • High/Crescent Lunge and variations
  • Anything requested

Earlier Event: November 7
Laburnum Yoga Flow - CANCELLED this week
Later Event: December 10
Laburnum Yang-Yin Yoga