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Chill sessions - Chanting, Restore, Roll & Release with Chai

The Ultimate Unwind Session

Meet Eveline on the mat once per month for Pranayama, Chanting, Restorative Yoga, Roll & Release therapeutics followed by tea and chats.



By far the quickest way to become present and move into that meditative state. Chanting is a wonderful technique to use for yoga, meditation and even daily life for stress management. The Sanskrit mantras give is a verbal focal point with little for the mind to attach to whilst energising us from the inside by vibrating the vocal cords.

Restore, Roll and Release

This is the ULTIMATE relaxation bliss out combining very gentle, restorative floor flow with roll and release massage using massage balls. Learn to give yourself a massage without doing any of the work using these amazing myofacial release balls. Everyone comes out of this class floating and feeling a sense of release having ironed out all their kinks in all the right places. This class is ideal for anyone seeking relaxation and therapeutics.


Regular class prices - use your membership, class pass or pay $20 casual.