Eveline - Founder of Flow Through Yoga


Eveline is a Vinyasa teacher since 2013 who completed two 200 hour teacher trainings plus a catalogue of online courses predominantly in bio-mechanic movement for yoga and core strength Vinyasa. Eveline is known and loved for her creative, dynamic classes with hands on adjustments and massage, bio-mechanic alignment cues and motivating facilitation. She has a popular restore, roll and release class that students love because they walk out feeling like they just had a therapeutic massage.

Eveline's background is in Health Science, Psychology and Welfare but she has always been one to be in her body, unable to sit still for too long! Eveline discovered Yoga in 2008 incidentally while she was practicing Pilates for a shoulder injury. Her teachers, Michelle & Clare Merrifield facilitated her to tap into something much, much deeper and enriching, leading to an extreme transformation.

Eveline’s classes are great for beginners, especially her Slow Flow class because she starts at the beginning and articulates ques that are easy to follow. Eveline is passionate about making Yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of the condition of their body. She is also known for her creative, fun and unpredictable power yoga sequences found in her Yoga Flow classes. 



Isabel has over 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training from some of the most influential Yogic Masters around the planet. Isabel spent over 20 years as a professional dancer, dance teacher, pilates & yoga instructor at her own studio in Israel.

To become an Ashtanga teacher takes many years of dedicated practice followed by intensive and prolonged teacher training. Isabel is the only teacher at Flow Through Yoga qualified to facilitate the ancient Ashtanga practice and we are so grateful to have her on board.

Isabel’s functional assessment skills are incredible. She can observe a student walk in the door of the studio and instantly know their range of movement, if they are menstruating and other personal information that an untrained eye would not notice. Isabel is not afraid to veer slightly from the Ashtanga tradition of all students following the same sequence at the same time and instead facilitates an accessible practice for everyone. She modifies the practice, giving each student a personalised sequence suited to their body. Isabel is firm in her manner but by no means strict and brings a warm and generous teaching style to her students.



Alechia brings to the mat over 30 years of dance and martial arts training. Teaching dance and dancing professionally as well as teaching other movement classes for over 15 years, her passion for movement is strong - the place where her mind is most still.
Yoga became her focus after experiencing the many benefits practice had on her body and mind.
Her classes encompass all of her past experience and training. Building internal awareness, focus, strength, challenge, and fluidity. All coming back to the most important thing in practice ‘your breath’ in this present moment.
Alechia trained at The Australian Yoga Academy 350hr Advanced Diploma and continues to immerse herself in workshops and training to enhance her understanding of the bodies’ mechanics and movement.
She is passionate about embracing and promoting a healthy body/mind both on and off the mat.
Off the mat you will find her hiking and exploring the mountains with her best mate Daisy (dog) and pursuing her other love and profession; design, photography and creating. Seeking "Sitham Sukam Asanam' - a balance of effort and ease in practice and in life.