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Choose a program of Yoga, meditation, mindfulness or any combination of the three suitable for you or your group. We tailor movement and calmness programs based on your demographic and what you want to get out of your program. Book a free info' session with Eveline to find out more. Eveline has a background in Health Science, Psychology, mindfulness and corporate training. She is familiar with organisational change management and corporate wellness programs. You can read more about Eveline on the Teachers Page. 


Intro package

5 sessions $395

Try five sessions for the intro rate of $79 per session. In just five sessions you will notice small but significant changes mentally and physically. Contact us to get started with the right program for you.

10 week package

10 sessions $999

Commit to serious change of mind, body and spirit that will improve every area of your life. Pay just $99 per session to change your life, increase focus and productivity and reduce conflict.  

Five week package

5 sessions $545

Sign up for a second term of 5 classes for $109 per session. You have just built a great foundation to go to the next level of calm mind and long spine. After ten sessions you will have formed a new habit and you feel more well.




Move with the breath and get clear, calm and balanced. The powerful combination of movement with breath work generates healing, increases mobility and of course settles the mind. Yoga can be a strong, powerful practice to burn calories or slow and sleek for extra zen. The ultimate practice combines both power and relaxation however, classes can be modified to cater to individual differences and injuries.


Meditation literally changes brains and has been linked with reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and even Alzheimer's Disease. Settle even the most restless of minds with our simple, flexible yet effective meditation programs. We make meditation accessible and relevant to everyone. No previous experience or training is required and we tailor the program to you or your group. 


Learn to master your emotions by becoming aware of your unconscious thinking. When we understand our internal environment we become responsive and proactive rather than reactive. Reduce conflict in your relationships or workplace by untangling your thoughts and increasing the emotional intelligence of you, your family and your team.

Professional development courses

8 Week Course

Permanent change

Allow us to guide you week by week through the process of getting to know the foundations, developing a daily practice and changing the culture of your workplace. Support and resources are included.

1 Day Session

Foundations kick start

In one day we can give you and your group an overview of the background and foundations of Yoga, Meditation and/or Mindfulness. This course sets you up to develop a practice and start applying it to your daily routine.

Courses are tailored to your budget, group size and intended outcome. Contact Eveline for a free appointment to discuss your options.

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